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Craft Your Own Liqueurs

Craft Your Own Liqueurs

1. Pick your syrup.

2. Pick your base spirit.

  • The proof of your liqueur will depend on which base spirit you choose.
  • In the calculator below, enter the proof of your chosen spirit in the “Proof of base spirit” row.
  • We recommend using vodka. Suggested brands to try:
    • Absolute
    • Reyka
    • Svedka
    • Titos
  • You may also use gin. Suggested brands to try:
    • Plymouth
    • Aviation
    • Sipsmith
    • Bombay Sapphire

    3. Decide how much liqueur you want to make.

    • Enter the volume you want to make in the “Desired volume of liqueur” calculator row. Enter value in milliliters.
    • 1 oz is approximately 30 ml

      4. Decide how sweet you want your liqueur.

      • Enter this value in the “Desired sweetness” calculator row. The higher the percentage, the sweeter your liqueur.
      • Recommend starting with a sugar content of 15 - 20%. From there adjust to taste.

        5. Fill out the calculator below to determine how much syrup and spirit to mix.

        • Measuring by volume may seem easier, but if you have a kitchen scale we recommend measuring by weight.
          • Measure the syrup by weight in a bowl. Add the amount of weight provided by the calculator below.
          • Zero the scale.
          • Into the same bowl, add the chosen spirit to the weight given by the calculator.
        • Stir the syrup and spirit together until fully dissolved.
        • Store in a clean bottle or jar.


        Shelf life:

        The shelf life of an open bottle of liqueur can vary depending on multiple factors. Factors such as container quality, level of alcohol content, level of sugar content and storage conditions can all play a role in how long you can safely use your liqueur. To extend the shelf life of your liqueur, we recommend using a clean, sterilized or sanitized bottle such as a swing top bottle. If not using a swing bottle, keep the bottle tightly sealed to prevent oxidation and evaporation of the alcohol. Keep your bottle refrigerated. Liqueurs with higher proof spirits will have a longer shelf life.

        Keeping in mind the information above, in general, it is likely safe to keep your liqueur for approximately 1 - 3 months if bottled and stored properly. Prior to using any homemade liqueur, always check the color, smell and taste. If there appears to be loss of color or a noticeable change in smell or taste, it is best to discard and make a new batch.


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