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Our Story

Crafting Connections

Precision Syrups was born out of the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, evolving from a hobby into a thriving venture. Initially conceived as a way to connect with friends during lockdown, founders Ben and Tiffany elevated the experience by crafting homemade ingredients for virtual cocktail parties.

As the pandemic landscape shifted, Tiffany, an elementary school teacher, faced the decision to return to the classroom or continue refining their syrups. Opting for the latter, they spent the 2020–2021 academic year perfecting their craft. With the return to in-person schooling in 2021–2022, the duo made a pivotal choice: develop a business plan and launch Precision Syrups.

Today, Precision Syrups stands as a boutique syrup manufacturing company, driven by a mission to foster shared experiences and connections. While the pandemic may have been the impetus for its founding, Tiffany and Ben aspire for Precision Syrups to be a lasting force in bringing people together.

Meet the Team

Tiffany Wood

Owner and Co-Founder of Precision Syrups, LLC. Tiffany has spearheaded the business development of Precision Syrups, LLC; building business and mentor relationships, leading our marketing, brand development, sales, and now staff development. Tiffany’s background is as an elementary school teacher and a variety of sales positions early in her career. 

Benjamin Wood

Co-Founder of Precision Syrups, LLC. Ben brings his scientific expertise to flavor and syrup creation. Ben’s research has led to the Precision Syrups process of creating our premium infused rich syrups.  Ben serves as the Head of Production, and Research and Development for Precision Syrups. Ben’s background is as an OB/ Gyn, medical director, and he has also trained as an engineer.