A perfect addition to any college graduation celebration

Bring People Together

Ready to Demo Party?

Our goal at Precision Syrups is to offer a carefully crafted rich syrup that you can use to create unique, memorable cocktails and experiences with family and friends. Our demo parties help build confidence while cocktailing, while also creating a fun, memorable experience. We are here to help you get started.

The Experience

Get ready for a Precision Syrups party that's a cocktail-lover's dream! We set up cocktail stations, start with a syrup tasting, guide you in crafting cocktails, and handle cleanup. Choose 2-4 rounds of fun, ending with an option to shop our syrups for at-home mixology. The unforgettable party lasts 2-3 hours. Cheers to crafted perfection!

Contact us to inquire about small group demonstration parties

Parties start at $160 for parties located in Berrien County, MI.
Additional fees for extra travel, alcohol and syrup apply.

Click the link below to inquire about having your own demo party!