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Types of Simple Syrups & What Makes Precision Syrups Different

Types of Simple Syrups & What Makes Precision Syrups Different

Simple syrups, rich syrups, and other types of flavored syrups can be a great way to add flavor and sweetness to homemade drinks and other recipes, but each type of simple syrup has its own unique characteristics. Explore this article to learn everything you need to know. 

Types of Simple Syrup 

We like to think of the simple syrup types based on two things - the sweetener used and the concentration of the syrup. Basic simple syrup is made with equal amounts of sugar and water, which are heated to dissolve the sugar in the water. The same process can be followed to make simple syrups with honey, agave, turbinado sugar, and other sweeteners. 

What is Rich Syrup 

A stronger syrup, using a higher ratio of sweetener to water is known as a rich syrup. Rich syrups use double the sweetener (so a 2:1 ratio of sweetener to water) to create a sweeter, thicker and more robust syrup. 

Rich syrups can be a great way to add sweetness to drinks without diluting the flavor with additional liquid. Their higher sugar content also makes them more shelf stable and better able to hold depth in the flavor. 

Rich Syrup vs Simple Syrup

Hopefully it’s clear by now, but the main difference between rich syrup and simple syrup is that rich syrup as double the amount of sugar in the same amount of liquid. Although they have twice the amount of sugar, rich syrups are only 1.35 times sweeter than simple syrups, so you can decrease the amount of syrup you use by ⅓ to a ½ and you will end up with a beautifully balanced cocktail or mocktail that has a craveable mouth-feel.

Rich Syrups from Precision Syrups 

Since an experience is what we’re after, of course our syrups are rich syrups. Yes, you could make your own rich syrup at home, but you can’t get the concentration of flavor in your syrup that we are able to infuse into our syrup base. We build the flavors in our syrups with multiple infusions with quality ingredients including fruit and hand crushed spices. We then use multiple filtration systems to clarify the syrup, delivering an exceptional final product. 

Every step of our process has been thoughtfully honed to allow us to extract the maximum amount of flavor from our ingredients and filter it into a gorgeous, robust syrup. The result? A high-end experience accessible in your own home that we feel certain you’ll love.